Removable replacements for missing teeth, dentures can be made out of acrylic resin, porcelain or metal for additional structural support. When properly maintained, dentures appear natural and provide a perfect smile, helping to strengthen the muscles, which control your facial expressions ending pronunciation problems and helping you to chew your food.

The Picton Dental team will work hard to ensure that your new teeth look as natural as possible, ensuring your new set of dentures match the form, shape and size of your original teeth as closely as possible.

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures come in both full and partial versions, depending on your individual needs. At Picton Dental we offer many different acrylic denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants.

Chrome Dentures

Chrome dentures can replace one or more missing teeth, to give you improved oral function and preserve your facial features.

These cast metal dentures can be a more permanent partial denture, because unlike plastic partial dentures, they are clipped to your natural teeth with clasps and incorporate rests on the teeth. The clasps help to hold the denture firm, and the rests stop any damaging up and down movement. Chrome dentures are stabilised in your mouth with denture adhesive gel to prevent shifting and irritation.

Chrome cobalt partial dentures can be a better alternative to plastic partial dentures, being thinner and allowing your gums to stay healthier by sharing the biting force between the gums and your remaining teeth. You may also be able to benefit from having an open palate version, which can help you to taste food better and detect hot and cold more easily.


The Valplast Flexible Partial is a very comfortable removable partial denture that is practically invisible, completely eliminating unsightly metal clasps. Instead of a metal frame, Valplast is made from a strong, durable plastic that snaps securely and comfortably into place around your existing teeth and gums.

This strong plastic is also very thin, so you won’t have that heavy, bulky feeling that can be part of wearing many partial dentures. An added bonus is that the colour, shape and design of Valplast Flexible Partials is designed to blend in with your natural gums, making the partial virtually invisible.

Denture Stabilisation

Picton Dental now offers the use of dental implants to stabilise and retain a removable denture, keeping it firmly in place while you’re chewing and talking, but also allowing it to be removed for cleaning.

Implant stabilised dentures can give you the freedom to eat what you like, and the confidence that your dentures won’t move in the mouth. This removable teeth replacement option gives you stability and retention to your dentures, at an economical cost.

Wisdom Teeth

As they grow and develop in the corners of your mouth, wisdom teeth can sometimes create sudden and severe problems. If this is the case for you, extraction may be the best treatment.

Depending on your individual situation, your wisdom teeth may be able to be removed under local anaesthesia in our dentist’s chair, while impacted teeth may call for a minor surgical procedure, under either local or general anaesthesia, to successfully remove your teeth from the surrounding bone and gum.


Although in most cases it’s preferable to retain your natural teeth, sometimes after investigating every alternative, a tooth will need to be extracted to ensure your continued good oral health. This could be the case if you’re suffering from extensive decay, a bone infection, an irreparable fracture, or impacted wisdom teeth.

As part of your treatment, to prevent your nearby teeth from moving out of alignment the Picton Dental team will advise you on your options for a suitable tooth replacement, such as a fixed or removable bridge, or dental implants.


If you suffer from headaches or migraines, the root cause may be a problem with your teeth and jaw called TMJ, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. TMJ is characterised by a bad bite or improper jaw position caused by misalignment of the temporomandibular joint, where your jaw connects to the skull.

Your Picton Dental dentist can perform a full examination using computer diagnostics to analyse your TM joints, head, neck and facial muscles, before prescribing a treatment, which may include the use of a bite splint, or adjustment of the teeth and bite so they fit together correctly.

Root Canal Therapy

If you have a painful tooth, it is possible that the pulp has become exposed, perhaps as a result of decay or injury, such as a fractured tooth. Pulp that is exposed to your mouth’s bacteria can become infected, in which case root canal therapy can help.

With root canal therapy your dentist will remove the infected pulp, clean and disinfect the root canal, and fill it to minimise the possibility of re-infection. A dental crown is then placed over your tooth to secure the treatment and give a natural appearance.

In spite of what you may have heard, root canal therapy is not necessarily a painful procedure, in fact feeling similar to having a filling replaced. There may be some tenderness for a day after your therapy, which can be treated with over-the-counter pain relief.

Soft Tissue Laser

Picton Dental’s soft tissue laser can remove gum tissue without causing any bleeding, thanks to the way it seals the blood vessels and nerve endings as it works. This also has the effect of making the entire procedure virtually painless, with a greatly reduced risk of infection as the laser sterilises as it works

We can now perform most soft tissue procedures quickly and effectively with our soft tissue laser, instead of relying on an old-fashioned scalpel approach. Common procedures that are performed include removal of excessive gum around teeth, removal of excessive attachment to tongue and lip, and removal of small growth on gum or tongue.


A dental frenectomy is a procedure to remove a frenum, the muscular attachment between two tissues, from your mouth. Both adults and children may benefit from a frenectomy, either for the lingual frenum, which connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth, or the maxillary labial frenum, connecting the inside of the upper lip to your gums above the upper two front teeth. The Picton Dental team uses our soft tissue laser to carry out frenectomies quickly and efficiently.