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About Picton

Home to many historic buildings from Australia’s convict era, Picton is also blessed with many natural attractions. The nearby villages of the Wollondilly region – including Picton, Thirlmere, Tahmoor, Bargo and Wilton – are a magnet for tourists looking to experience life in small Australian country towns. The more famous attractions include King George IV inn here in Picton, which is one of the oldest hotel building in Australia, and the Thirlmere railway museum.

First explored by Europeans in 1798 before being settled in 1822, Picton is blessed with a wide variety of colonial and late-Victorian architecture. So unique are the township buildings and layout that numerous television commercials and even a Holloywood blockbuster featuring Hugh Jackman have been filmed here in Picton.

Why Choose Us

Picton Dental is not part of any large multi-practice dental corporation. We take pride in being a fully independent local business setup.

Dr John Chiang is the owner and principle dentist having taken over from the previous owner dentist who has run the practice for over 40 years. Our business model is a dental practice dedicated to serving the local community rather than meeting financial goals for corporate share-holders.

Secondly, though we accept dental insurance coverage we are not affiliated with any health fund preferred provide scheme. This again reflects our independent nature of our practice where putting patient’s dental needs comes before the finanical incentives of a insurance company.

Fast service

We are providing fast and best services to our patients.

Expert team

We have an expert team for providing services.

Affordable prices

Picton alway provide best services on affordable prices.

Modern technology

We are alway upgraded with moden technology for improve our services.

Our Technology

To stay up-to-date with modern dental treatments and procedures, we at Picton Dental have invested in the latest technology to provide the best quality dental care for you.

Intra-Oral Technology

Our intra-oral camera uses computer imaging to create an accurate picture of your mouth and teeth close-up. This technology allows us to easily and comfortably inspect and diagnose cracks in teeth and fillings, and for you to see on the computer screen.

Penthrox Gas

If you’re feeling nervous about your visit to Picton Dental, we offer Penthrox gas; a single-use safe and efficient relaxant, which can help to make your dental experience far less stressful.

Digital X-Rays

Knowing what is happening below your gums enables the team at Picton Dental to make an exact diagnosis and develop the most suitable treatment plan.

Gum disease, oral cancer, cysts, abscesses, and the early development of tooth decay as well as a loss in jawbone density due to periodontal disease are some of the conditions able to be detected through digital x-rays, which may not be seen during routine examinations until they reached an advanced stage.

Digital x-rays are efficient and emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, which also require film and chemical processing. They can be stored electronically and emailed to specialists to whom you may be referred for more complex procedures.

Digital x-rays also help us monitor your treatment progress. How often you will need to have updated digital x-rays will be dependant on your personal needs and diagnosis of your current oral health.

At Picton Dental we have a digital OPG system to provide a comprehensive and instantaneous diagnostic capability.

Practice Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide you and your family with quality dental treatments in a gentle caring manner, whilst also educating our patients in the importance of achieving their optimum oral health. At Picton Dental we pride ourselves in achieving and maintaining integrity, ability & benevolence.

Our Picton Dentist

Dr Kirolos Demian

Kirolos graduated from Griffith University on the Gold Coast in 2015. His main focus at work is to provide solutions and options personalised to patients’ needs, focusing on providing quality work in a gentle manner. Kirolos enjoys playing soccer and squash in his spare time and loves staying up late to watch his beloved Manchester United soccer team. Kirolos has a dream of travelling around the world and experiencing different cultures.

Dr John Chiang

John graduated from University of Melbourne in 2000 and after working in regional Victoria settled in Picton in 2007 and taking ownership of Picton Dental in 2009. John takes pride in constantly updating skills and knowledge while not neglecting the honest personal approach to patient care. Being an owner and full time practictioner at one dedicated location certainly helps.

In order to keep his sanity as a dentist, John loves to have a chat on just about anything. Topics of interest include world travel and history. With a young family of 3 kids under 12, John’s interests outside work includes camping, fishing and footy.

Our Practice

If you believe in the traditional local small business model, that’s what Picton Dental is all about. The principle dentist Dr John Chiang is both the owner and full time operator at Picton Dental. The practise was established in 1966 and has been in continual successful operation since then while undertaking regular equipment modernisation and adhering to the most up to date protocols in infection control.

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We are NOT:

  • A branch practise where the owner and principle dentist is working at another location most or all the time.
  • A dental corporation practise run for the financial benefit of shareholders.
  • A health fund affiliated practise run under the directions of health insurance companies.

We are:

  • an independent dental practise run for the local communities.
  • a practise that does not rely on advertising and instead rely primarily on word of mouth for publicity.
  • a supporter and sponsor of local schools and sports club.